the runway at FAT : Futurstate

The runway shows at FAT, Toronto’s alternative fashion week.


Toronto designer of “dark futuristic clubwear and streetwear”, Futurstate showed their latest collection at FAT this spring.  The collection proves that Futurstate is continuing down the path of sophisticated, structured cyber and military inspired designs and aiming to offer cybergoth designs that are not tacky and candyraver-like.  The collection was entirely black and void of almost any pvc.  To make the pieces stand out designer Laura X relied on subtle details such as rows of black buttons, black mesh, and crisscrossing black cords.  My personal favorites were the puffed shoulder jacket and dress shorts combo (pictured upper right) and the simple all black geisha style dress (pictured lower left).  Items from this collection would be a great purchase because they can serve as stylish streetwear, they are not just for the club, but I did feel a bit of the fun of past lines was missing.  I wouldn’t mind seeing a hot new pvc dress or outfit!

See the men’s collection in more detail in our Junk fashion editorial in the new June/July issue.

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– Jennifer

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  1. Aside from the Asian inspired stuff, it’s all a little too bland for me. I’m the #1 fan of “classy cyber” and not looking like a E-tarded raver with a million blinking lights, but this collection doesn’t stand out to me at all.

  2. I appreciate the restraint and beauty of many of these pieces. I think some of them could’ve been *styled* better to showcase their beauty as modernized, edgy basics. That dress & puff-sleeve jacket are nummy!

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