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I guess you get two music videos today!  A new video from Lady Gaga just went live and it’s filled with more imagery I love.  Perhaps you could argue that Lady Gaga isn’t doing anything artists before her haven’t done, but the fact that she is mainstream, gets played on easy listening/variety radio, and the masses are eating it up with all the controversial material included is a feat in its self.  Anything that may sway trends in the direction of aesthetics I enjoy is fine by me!

– Jennifer

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  1. Yeah, not a single thing here that wasn’t in a Madonna video 15 years ago, but I still gotta say the styling work here is fantastic and I love the group dance sequences, especially in the beginning.

  2. I agree with Volvox! I actually thought that from the first 10 seconds of video! Admittedly I’m watching it with the sound off ;) For some reason “Rhythm Nation” is playing in my head while watching the choreographed dancing. The fetish imaginery is neat, but what is up with videos making no sense in comparision to the music. Hrmmmm.

  3. This is a bad pastiche of “vogue” “Express yourself” “Erotic” and janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” as Meagan pointed out (Its almost he same dance I think)

    I was much more impressed by, oddly enough, the new Christina Aguilera video. Several factors are superior, the music, the fashion, the choreography. Aguilera out Madonna’s and Out GaGa’s Lady Gaga, which is ironic considering it was the original feud between Aguilera and Gaga that started GaGa’s meteoric rise to the top.

  4. I think she is intentionally referencing Madonna, how can she not be, there is a machine gun cone bra! I don’t know, the fashion in Aguilera’s video is good, but the overall aesthetic in Gaga’s is much stronger. And the blatant perfume ad placement in Alguilera’s is too much! At least in Telephone it came off as sarcastic, as a statement on consumerism while also embracing it. I still give my vote to Gaga on this one.

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