music review : How To Destroy Angels – S/T EP

How To Destroy Angels S/T EP

release date : June 1, 2010
released by : self released
info : 1st album . 6 tracks . 28:47 run time
genre : electronic / industrial
reviewed by : Jason Draper

It’s been less than nine months since Trent Reznor announced the indefinite hiatus of Nine Inch Nails. While this EP didn’t come out under his former moniker, it’s hard to deny the similarities in the musical content. Working with his wife Mariqueen Maandig (former West Indian Girl) and Atticus Ross, Reznor has created a concise EP that feels like natural progression from 2008s The Slip.

In a genre in which bands continue to release unmemorable albums, it is Maandig’s vocal hooks that make How to Destroy Angels stand out amongst their peers. They have a similar effect as a spring-cleaning on an old country home. The music still has the abrasive tones that you come to expect, yet the vocals even it out, and at times make the songs pleasantly hypnotic. It’s strange to walk around humming the melody from an industrial song, as if it were a radio pop song, but that is exactly what the album has done to this listener.

recommended tracks : 3.6
if you like you may like : Nine Inch Nails, West Indian Girl, Sneaker Pimps
overall 9 . music 10 . lyrics 8 . recording quality 10

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