the PinUp : Arden Leigh

Auxiliary’s playful take on the sexy centerfold pin up.  This month we bring you Arden Leigh.  Flip the page, cut out, and tac on your wall!

Auxiliary Magazine Arden Leigh PinUp

photographer : Steve Prue
model, makeup, and hair : Arden Leigh
second model : Helena
interview by Numi Prasarn

Co-founder of The Sirens Seduction Forum, Arden Leigh’s interest lies in seduction. She most recently honed her skills of seduction as the Director of Training and Marketing at New York’s most renowned house of professional domination, where she trained neophyte young dominatrices to seduce their male clients into spending lots of time and money on them, and became one of the most successful professional dominant to ever tout a whip there. She has written her own seduction guide for everyday women, Whipped: A Professional Dominatrix Shares the Secrets to Wrapping Men Around Your Little Finger.

The Sirens Seduction Forum was set up in response to male pick up communities… which in turn was in response to men feeling that women already had the upper hand in the art of seduction. What do you think is the biggest difference between the two movements?

Arden Leigh : Definitely the end goals. I mean, there’s a reason that there are no books for men on how to get into relationships and no books for women on how to get laid. This actually goes back to evolutionary psychology; in order for us to further the species, it’s best for women to pair with one mate who’s going to protect and provide for her, while it’s in men’s best interest to pass on their genes by pairing with as many partners as possible. We’ve been at odds with one another since the dawn of man, when you think about it. What the pick-up community did was to equip men with a strategy to achieve their goals of having access to a wide range of women. What I bring to the table for women is a strategy on how to stand out, how to compel, attract, and add value in a manner that will make the man they want feel that being with them is a better deal than having all their other options.

view more photos and read the rest of the interview in the April/May 2010 Issue

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