the runway at FAT : One Of Us Swimwear

The runway shows at FAT, Toronto’s alternative fashion week.

One Of Us Swimwear

I had not heard of One Of Us Swimwear until I was looking into all the designers showing at FAT. As soon as I saw their designs on their website, I was excited to see their runway show.  Good swimwear can be a tricky thing to find, often an “alternative” looking swimsuit means it just has skull print on it. And if one goes to chain stores like Hot Topic for one, mostly their options look cheap and rather tacky. One Of Us Swimwear offers unique stand out swimsuits in a variety of fun patterns and prints all with creative cuts and details. The clipped together two piece and turquoise two piece with stripped hood were my favorites. Another stand out were the suites  that look like two different patterned suites sew together, as seen in the lowest photo on the left. While looking polished and stylish they have a fun diy feel to them. The runway show was filled with great suit options for this summer, in the spirit of beach parties, backyard tiki barbecues, and hot rod car washes.

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– Jennifer