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Zach Rose is one of the newest additions to the Auxiliary Magazine team. Zach is the lead copy editor for Auxiliary and balances that out by providing photographic and written content to the magazine. Zach is an emerging photographer who is starting to make waves both with his photography as well as his writing.

What do you do at Auxiliary Magazine?

Zach Rose : I do umbriel finite, I do writing, but I primarily do copy editing, copy editing, and more copy editing. I’m one of the last people that looks over writer submissions and checks them for your mistakes, your grammar, and any other weird stuff you may do (yes you).

Do you think that the written word is just as important as an image?

ZR : Both are equally as important and usually outlive the producer. Some people get killed for what they say, or write (or blog these days). While an image can speak a thousand words a word can have a thousand-fold impact with the result dependant on the context of the situation (such as political).

What is your opinion on the state of fetish fashion and how it is intertwining with mainstream fashion?

ZR : I think there has always been some level of fetish in mainstream fashion. But fetish is an ambiguous term in my opinion and can apply to anything that flaunts the body in a unique and provocative way. To me fetish wear is not so much about how good it looks as how quickly it can be removed.

What important impacts do you thing Auxiliary has had on alternative subculture?

ZR : Auxiliary does very well in offering fashionable advice for people living outside the mainstream. The magazine caters to an embrace of subculture (which we all love). Because of this we are able to pour ourselves into the mission statement. The magazine helps provide a market relationship that is ultimately reciprocated by the readers (we hope).

What designers out there have been catching your eye?

ZR : I really don’t care for specifics, I like anything that is shocking or unique. I’ve lately been impressed by Jessica Darwin but overall I don’t like to set limitations or pigeon-hole myself in any way.

Do you think music has become less reflective of trends in fashion and instead now leads the direction of fashion?

ZR : In a broad sense I’d say that music and fashion goes hand in hand. I think the styles with which musicians present themselves impacts impressionable youth and the fashionable alike. Oppositely musicians offer a market to designers looking to showcase their wares.

Luke Copping
Luke Copping was a founding member and now is an occasional contributor for Auxiliary.
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  1. Zach is not only a copy editor, he’s the official Auxiliary Magazine dancer, he’s wonderful at both…true story!

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