the runway at FAT : Starkers

Toronto’s alternative fashion week, FAT is a unique series of runway shows of the recent collections of alternative designers mostly from the Toronto area.  Some of the designers featuring being alternative in that they are within the goth/industrial/fetish/whathaveyou scene and others being alternative in that they are small, independent designers often with more of an artistic, creative, or environmental focus. Toronto in my opinion has one of the best alternative fashion scenes.  Smaller and niche designers often get lost in the fashion industry sea of NYC, I think it’s hard for them to stay a float there.  But Toronto seems to be the perfect environment for them.  It is refreshing to see runway shows of alternative designers out of a club setting (which is often the only venue for them) and with the consideration of showing off a collection or definitive creative idea.  There were some impressive collections at FAT this year.

Starkers by Dianna DiNoble

Showing on the second evening with the theme of “Lust”, Starkers presented their beautiful corsets fully styled into complete ensembles.  The collection was sophisticated and elegant, and in line with current fashion trends by mixing different textures and materials in mostly black.  It was a collection to be worn to an night out at the opera, with an opera singer performing at the end of the runway setting the tone.  My favorite feature of the styling was the bold red eyebrows (seen in the images on the right).

photos : Billy Archos

– Jennifer Link

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