item of the week : bat barrette by sourpuss clothing

Sourpuss Clothing’s Bat Barrette

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One of my personal mottos is, “Everyday is Halloween”, quoted from the industrial godfathers Ministry.  So wearing adornments such as bats, spiders, and the general spooky accessory is a year round occasion.  I have purchased several Bat Barrettes by Sourpuss Clothing and absolutely LOVE THEM.  The little bats are made of lightweight metal and attach to your hair with a beefy metal clip, which makes them stay in place and not fly off your head (no pun intended!).  The metal Bat Barrettes are painted and come in lime green, red, and black, and I’ve even seen them lurking around in purple!  This barrette is a perfect compliment to a sleek straight bob cut or can rest in a glorious rat’s nest.  Every gal needs to get a little batty every once in a while.

The Bat Barrette is available online at

– Meagan

Meagan Hendrickson
Meagan Hendrickson was a founding member and now is a fashion contributor for Auxiliary.
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  1. sour puss has some neat stuff but thier customer service is shit as well as thier additudes.

  2. Sorry you had a bad experience! I have worked with Sourpuss professionally and haven’t had an issue. Sometimes small companies can’t get to customer inquiry’s as fast as larger companies, just from personal experience and knowledge. Don’t give up on them! =D

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