inspiration : arden leigh in all saints – sunday elegance

fashion designer : All Saints
photographer : Steve Prue
model : Arden Leigh
hair and makeup : Arden Leigh

All Saints is the embodiment of accessible everyday fashions for women and men of all genres. With a mixture of simple well-designed tops, classic jeans, and flowing daytime dresses this brand is like comfort food for fashion.  Organic beauty with a synthetic bite, the quality of the clothes evokes a feeling of movement created by the layers of cottons, and slimming lines, which create naturally feminine silhouettes. The flowing fabrics draw the eye down the body in a soft seduction extenuating the suggestion of the subtle curves of the body. These elements create a muted simplicity and understated disheveled elegance. The meditative shades of earth tones, and grayscale touching the extremes create a poetic ambiance in which the clothes are able to speak for themselves without the need of being overdesigned. The utilization of calming textures, allows the fabric to be shown as cozy and chic. Something you would definitely want to wear to an easy Sunday brunch.

– Molly Maureen Hoeltke

These light, short, and airy dresses from All Saints combine two things I love, simple garments that are made better through thoughtful and well executed detailing, and functional fashions whose versatility lends to them being worn in a variety of situations. When one gets down to it there are only so many ways to cut a piece of fabric before one begins to run into repetition ie. classic cuts stay classic for a reason. Good designers make a name for themselves because of how much of their own taste and forethought they put into the garments smaller details and tailoring. Fit, fabric choice, construction, embellishment, finishing, texture, and movement are all factors that a designer has to take into account when creating a piece. A similarly cut dress in a different fabric, or tailored a different way would be an all together different creation. All Saints garments here are perfect reflections of that philosophy, there is nothing outrageous about the cut the dress, and that’s what I like about them. Rather than step brazenly into the avant-garde by creating something unwearable by most of the fashion buying populace, All Saints put just as much care into the finer details of these pieces, making them subtle but unique takes on a classic design that can easily transition from location to location and lifestyle to lifestyle with ease.

– Luke Copping

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