item of the week : 80s flash false eyelashes by red cherry

Red Cherry’s 80s Flash False Eyelashes


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My obsession with the fabulous show, RuPaul’s Drag Race, was the inspiration for me choosing the 80s Flash false eyelashes by Red Cherry. As drag queens would say, “Girl, you gotta give face!,” and using false lashes is an excellent way to throw some fierceness into your look. When applying lashes it’s recommended to cut the lashes to the desired length before applying and then using eyeliner to give you a clean line to camouflage the seam of the lash. These particular lashes are self adhesive, but I also recommend buying some additional eyelash glue in case you need some extra hold. After your done with your face, sashay shante the night away, that is the gospel according to RuPaul!

The 80s Flash False Eyelashes are available online at

– Meagan

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