Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

I have been far too excited following the production diaries and notes over at director Edgar Wright’s site, but was even more excited today to see the teaser trailer for the upcoming film version of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. For those not in the know, Scott Pilgrim is a Canadian comic book  written by Bryan Lee O’Malley that takes place in Toronto. All about Scott, a musician who is trying to win the heart of the new girl in town and to do so he must defeat her seven evil exes. Being adapted from comic book for the big screen is a daunting task for a director to handle, especially with source material as clever as the Scott Pilgrim series, but Wright (Sean of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) is one direct whom I believe is more than up to the task of not just providing an adequate translation, but a witty and cleverly executed interpretation of O’Malley’s source material. If you are one of the unlucky ones who is not familiar with this series I highly suggest that you track down the available volumes immediately and catch up before the release of the film.

– Luke

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  1. I’m aware that the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels predate the video game No More Heroes by roughly 3 years, but I can’t help but wonder, after viewing the trailer, if Wright’s visual presentation and overall style for the film don’t owe a bit to the adventures of Travis Touchdown. Regardless, the movie looks like a blast. Looking foreword to it.

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