behind the scenes : april/may issue cover shoot

Emerging Photo Shoot | Sugar Pops for Auxiliary from Stephanie Bell on Vimeo.

Stephanie Bell of Emerging Design & Photography from Hamilton, Ontario, shot this issue’s cover of Auxiliary Magazine.  A story all about candy colored accessories, amazing hair and makeup styling, and top notch photography. Check out more of Stephanie’s work at

Rather than talk at our readers we decided to let Stephanie describe her working process on these images in her own words.

“It was Toronto fashion stylist Tasha Farrington of Pretty Deadly Stylz that approached me late in Feb to try and pull this shoot together. Theme was rockabilly inspired beauty. We hadn’t worked together before, but I had seen some of her work floating around on the net and dug it. Beautiful and fun, with a bit of a dark edge. I actually had her in my mental stash of people I had been wanting to work with. So needless to say I was pretty stoked.

As the deadline was quickly approaching we both scrambled to pull together the rest of the team. For the models, Tasha had Martha aka Miss Monoxide (whom I had worked with before) on board. I had also recently been in touch with our other brightly coloured haired beauty, Lauren aka Zilly Lilly about wanting to shoot together, so thought she’d be perfect. We also really wanted a third gal, so I put out a casting and was very glad to get our cover girl Alycia Gallagher on the team.

Tasha recruited the amazing talents of hair stylists Anna Crooke, Matthew Genser, and makeup artist Wendy Rorong. I was especially impressed with Matthew’s styling… a couple of the hair styles were almost reminiscent of cotton candy. Mmmm cotton candy….

We shot in my home studio in Hamilton, ON (about an hour drive from Toronto or Niagara Falls for those that don’t know) and managed to pull off all of the looks in about six hours. I couldn’t be happier with the bright and colourful result. If you glance through a bit of my work, it’s probably easy to notice that I love working with colour. So working with these images was definitely a treat for me, (although zoomed in on bright neon orange hair while editing in photoshop can definitely do some funky things to your eyes).

Fashion and beauty photography for me is kind of like being in a band. You need the full team to really make it work, and it can sometimes be a challenge finding people that you really jive with. When it works though, it’s awesome and I think we rocked this one for sure.”

-Luke Copping and Stephanie Bell

Luke Copping
Luke Copping was a founding member and now is an occasional contributor for Auxiliary.
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  1. Nice to see behind the scenes, not only was it a great editorial but looks like it was also a lot of fun! So excited to have all your amazing talent in the issue! :)

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