surfer blood

Ah, The 90s. It’s always refreshing to see that the golden sounds of a decade ago can still be revisited with such good taste. While the digital age has done a great job of widening the road for average-joe-band, there is still something to be said for how we used to try our hardest to tune in our local college station to catch the new blips that were falling just short of mainstream radar. More often than not, this is what shaped our musical tastes for years to come. I have a feeling that Surfer Blood are having that effect on a ton of kids right now. It may still be too soon to tell, but Surfer Blood could prove to be a kind of “gateway band”. Rightly so, this is what guitar driven indie rock SHOULD sound like. Relentlessly catchy, thoughtful harmonies, dunked in a reverb tank, and belted out as loud as possible. Think Pavement playing as loud as Superchunk while still spaced out enough to please fans of early Yo La Tengo. To put it in a nutshell, this is modern indie music at its most fun, and you’d be well advised to catch them on tour this April and May. On April 13th they play Buffalo, NY. Soundlab is the place and garage-popsters from Tennessee, Turbo Fruits open the show.

– Eric Kendall

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