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Cryoflesh’s Metropolis Shrug


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Futuristic fashion is something that has creeped more and more into the goth scene, thus evolving into the fashion term “cybergoth”.  The Metropolis Shrug by Cryoflesh is not the normal type of clothing that would catch my eye yet this piece really has many amazing elements all in one jacket. Highlights of the design are the piping details on the sleeves, the criss-cross harness on the back, and black and neon green coloring. The key to wearing this piece is making sure it’s the main focus of your whole ensemble and playing down everything else. Pair the Metropolis Shrug with a short black dress, very minimal accessories, and play up your boots if you’re feeling extra cyber-y. Kinetik’s around the corner so, make a statement with this truly unique piece of clothing!

The Metropolis Shrug is available online at

– Meagan

Meagan Hendrickson
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