music review : VNV Nation – Of Faith, Power and Glory

VNV Nation – Of Faith, Power and Glory

Aux_VNVNationrelease date : June 23, 2009
released by : Anachron
info : 7th album . 10 tracks .
50:32 run time
genre : futurepop, electronic rock,
reviewed by : Jeffrey Naughton aka DJ ArcaTek

VNV Nation has been the powerhouse group in the electronic scene for the past 15 years now. The last two albums by VNV Nation (Matter+Form and Judgement) have seen Ronan Harris go in a different direction with his vocals. I’m not saying that was a good thing or a bad thing, however I can tell you that I really liked Matter+Form. This new album goes into the same direction with some new styles but also goes back to VNV’s roots, where they put out a string of very successful albums. Let me just say this, VNV will never put out an album like Empires ever again. That was a one in a million album and if they even come close to something like that then I would consider it a success. Futureperfect and Praise the Fallen are excellent albums in their own right, which brings me to this: the new album titled Of Faith, Power and Glory comes very close to the style and sound of their excellent past albums. For me this album is very comparable to FuturePerfect. I felt that way from the first time I listened to this album and feel very strongly still after many listens. I’m not going to break down each song on this album because it wouldn’t do it justice. As a club DJ who’s been a resident in the clubs for the past 14 years I will say that this album has some gems in here; “Sentinal”, “Tomorrow Never Comes”, “The Great Divide”, and “Art of Conflict” are the ones that stand out. Throughout the album I felt that it had a late 90s early 2000s vibe to it, don’t ask me how but it just does. Perhaps it is because the rhythms, sounds, breaks, and vocals, break away from the last two albums and revert back in time to the middle ground of their works.

If you’re a skeptic and think it will be like Matter+Form and Judgement then you are sorely mistaken and are depriving yourself the opportunity of this album. I think many of us fall under the category that if we don’t like something that we will categorize it as something we won’t buy, listen to, or whatever. In music we need to have an open view of things instead of pushing it to the side because we didn’t like an album, group, or whatever. The beats on this album are danceable and complete. This album is good for the many club hits as well as just a CD to sit down and listen to when you’re doing things around the house. I would highly recommend buying this album at the usual stores (that’s if your city still has a music store) or if you’re non committal then buy a song here and there off of iTunes. It’s a decision you won’t regret.

recommended tracks : Art of Conflict, The Great Divide
if you like you may like : And One, Covenant
overall 8 . lyrics 8 . music 9 . recording quality 9

check out VNV Nation on tour now and playing Buffalo, NY March 26th
and don’t miss the Buffalo, NY concert’s afterparty thrown by DJ ArcaTek at Club W

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