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On March 30th Metropolis Records releases four digital singles; Combichrist’s Scared, Mind.In.A.Box’s  8 Bits, System Syn’s Here’s To You, and Mesh’s How Long.  There will be a physical release of the Combichrist single on May 11th, but I am unsure on any of the others.


Combichrist’s Scarred is their third single of their highly successful album Today We Are All Demons, featuring five remixes, the original, and an extra song “Parental Content”. I did enjoy the “Pull Out Kings Remix”, but overall I felt that the remixes were somewhat unimpressive. The new track “Parental Content” starts off kicking like a good old techno track, with some random samples, and it keeps going that way.  Not your typical Combichrist song, but hey it’s a single and there should be something different on it.

Mind.In.A.Box’s 8-Bits comes off their R.E.T.R.O. album and features three remixes of “8-Bits” and the new track “Last Ninja 2”, which fills the gap of the two tracks on the album, “The Last Ninja III” and “The Last Ninja”. All four tracks are great and the club mix is essentially the track on the album just extended, which as a DJ I felt the album version was too short.


System Syn’s Here’s To You is a single off their forthcoming album Strangers. This seven track single is packed with greatness, you get “Here’s To You” and three remixes of it, a Imperative Reaction remix of “The Inconvenient”, a track called “Lead” and a cover of REM’s “Losing My Religion”.  The single is a strong track with catchy lyrics and just screams play me. This wetted my appetite for the full LP.

Mesh’s How Long, is the second single from their album A Perfect Solution.  This features a club mix for the dance floor, a radio cut for the people suffering with ADD, and an extended version for those with OCD. In addition to this there is an alternate version of “Hold and Restrain” and a new track, “Save Everyone”.

video for Mind.In.A.Box “8 Bits”

and well because it exists, a video of Combichrist’s first single off Today We Are All Demons

– Mike

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