new york fashion week highlights : siki im


Siki Im‘s Fall/Winter 2010 collection at New York’s Fashion Week was not your typical menswear design. A mostly black and white collection was filled with; man skirts, kilts, and cropped sweaters, pushing against the normal views of masculinity. The collection read like a sleek business man that combined function with edgy asymmetrical cuts that are pure eye candy. I like the way the kilts were paired with cropped sweaters, accessorized with neckties, trouser socks, and blazers, these pieces all fit together to create a gender neutral silhouette which includes elements from both male and female clothing design. This collection is classic and brings new ideas to the future of menswear and what may become a wider world view of the suit.



photos : Steve Prue

– Meagan

Meagan Hendrickson
Meagan Hendrickson was a founding member and now is a fashion contributor for Auxiliary.
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