lady gaga goes to jail

Lady Gaga has become an undisputed master of the long form video, much like the epic and legendary “Thriller” by Michael Jackson, Gaga’s videos has become self contained mini movies whose plot is almost as integral to the overall effect of the production as is the music. Her latest video, “Telephone“; featuring Beyonce, continues to prove this point, as well as elevate it above the level of her previous outings. “Telephone” is a mish-mash of pop culture imagery crafted to the highest order of quality. Elements of prison exploitation films like Caged Heat, Quentin Tarantino, Japanese inspired graphics, and the usual quirky and informed styling that has become an integral part of Gaga’s videos. The fashionable Gaga takes it to a new level with the looks in this film, elements of punk, hip-hip, fetish, and found fashion abound. There are just so many nods and tributes thrown in here that it would seem likely to come of as a pastiche of the worst kind, however its handled with a style and sense of care that does make it come together as a whole and complete work, about the only moment in the video that may come off a little forced is Gaga’s Michael Jackson-esque dance moves as she is freed from prison at the end of the first act.

– Luke

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