new york fashion week highlights : anna sui

Anna Sui Fall/Winter 2010


Layers upon layers of different laces, furs, knits, patterns, and textures was the theme of Anna Sui’s Fall/Winter collection at New York Fashion Week.  The collection read as if a 1960s mod met a sherpa and they both were influenced by the layering trend of the 1990s Seattle grunge scene.


The Fall/Winter collection featured the drop waist dress silhouette as the foundation for most of this season’s looks.  Sui seemed take us on a journey into different eras of the drop waist by showing looks from knitted day-wear to ruffled floral evening dresses into 1920s flapper-inspired bridal wear.  This chaotic array of plaids, florals, patterns, sequins, and even some macramé would make ones head spin, but Sui made me a believer that less can be more!  The highlights of the collection were the details in the patterned tights, fur vests, and pops of jewel-tones like; emerald green, plum purple, and royal blue.  Anna Sui always makes a statement by being on the cusp of alternative fashion, always daring and always giving us all something to drool over!





photos : Steve Prue

– Meagan

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