interviews : Doe Deere of Lime Crime Makeup

NYC-based makeup artist, model, musician, and lifestyle blogger Doe Deere simply couldn’t find makeup bright enough. So she created her own “so bright, it’s illegal!” makeup company, Lime Crime which focuses on creating the most intensely pigmented, dare-to-wear cosmetics for the vivid, quirky, and unique. As Lime Crime prepares to enter the retail market in US, Australia, Canada, and UK and plans for several new product releases we caught up with Doe Deere to talk about the road that got her to this point.Read the interview in the February 10 Issue.


interview : Vanity Kills
photographer : Steve Prue
model : Doe Deere
makeup artist : Doe Deere for Lime Crime Makeup
hair stylist : Kristin Jackson
fashion stylist : Catherine Mudford for Emma Bell
fashions : Emma Bell

What is the most challenging aspect of running a one-woman makeup empire?
I wouldn’t call it an empire just yet; I only have a couple employees and a partner. But the most challenging part is learning how to run a business, on the fly! I started out a girl in my attic, and a year later I’m signing checks and making big, scary decisions. But it’s a learning process which I really enjoy.

How lengthy was the process of turning the vision of that perfect brightly pigmented makeup line in your head into a tangible product?
It took a long time, I won’t lie. I’ve been developing the brand since 2005, when I started posting makeup tutorials on my website, I always had trouble finding eyeshadows and lipsticks bright enough that went on exactly how they looked. That’s how the idea was born. By 2008 I had a solid following online and began reaching out to labs in NY and LA. The webstore went live two weeks before Halloween.

read the rest of the interview in the February 10 Issue

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