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Die Antwoord hit the internet like a nuclear bomb, the energetic South African group (parody?) has been making a huge splash with their eclectic videos, being most recently featured on Attack of the Show. There is more than just the surface appeal to Die Antwoord though, they bring a whole new flavor to rap that is catching people’s ears across the globe. Group DJ Hi-Tek brings some seriously catchy and dance based beats to their music giving it a well produced sound that matches well with their schizophrenic mix of styles and influences. Waddy Jones (aka. Ninja) is an impressive and lyrically accomplished MC, able to lay down some aggressive, tight, and often endearingly self aggrandizing lyrics with a style that may seem silly at times, but always lead one to believe that there may be more parody and commentary going on than you first realize. He seems to walk the line between GZA and GG Allin at any given moment.

Keep an eye on their style as well, Yo-Landi Vi$$er may be slated to become the Fergie of the alt scene, like a punk/sexy Lady Sovereign possessing a deconstructed and often thrift store chic style mixed with some interesting twists that very well may get quickly picked up by those in the know looking for something different (I guarantee that her hair style, my current coif obsession, is an early precursor to some styles I am already starting to see make it into the zeitgeist, I cannot wait to see some more runway shows and editorials rocking a look like that).

Also featured in their videos is the immensely interesting 24 year old artist and musician Leon Botha, one of the oldest surviving Progeria patients in the world, whose website and paintings are impressive in their own right.  Intelligent and fun, Die Antwoord may just be what alternative hip hop needs to get it away from the blight of Juggalos and Faygo.

And while Die Antwoord may indeed just be characterization by some talented artists you can also check out the more experimental, the hip-hop/motivational speaking performance art troupe made up of the members of Die Antwoord and a few other musicians.

– Luke

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