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The 2010 Winter Olympics opened this weekend in Vancouver.  I personally am not a huge sports fan, but I don’t hold that angsty teenage “I hate sports” mentality anymore.  I have however, always enjoyed the Olympics, especially the winter ones.  After watching trials and build up on Universal Sports (one of the few stations I get without cable) and the opening events this weekend, I know for the 2010 Olympics, I’m following Johnny Weir.

While I don’t know if he’s the best male figure skater based on talent, he is my favorite 2010 Olympian based on style.  The outfits he wears while performing are awesome glitzed, glittered, feathered, shiney, and bold.  His costumes embrace the horrible figure skating ensemble and make it amazing through a glam rock look and attitude.  The outfits are topped with glammed-out black hair and creative makeup.  For his exhibition program this season he chose Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”, nodding at another star people love or hate, and who also draws on alternative fashion.

Catch Johnny Weir in men’s short program figure skating today, in the United States it will be on NBC.

– Jennifer

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