the music videos : 11th hour

Julian Casablancas of The Strokes solo project has been a bit of a guilty pleasure for me as of late.  It’s the kind of fun, smart, and well informed pop rock that, while prevalent in the musical landscape right now is rarely done this well.  But he locked my admiration with the video for “11th Hour”, the first single from his solo album.  A mish mash of eclectic imagery; electric 80s neon lightening juxtaposed with Adam Antesque imagery of Julian in highwayman garb and a healthy dose of post apocalyptic sci-fi pirate radio.  Casablancas’ voice is perfectly suited to this style of music, and while not as raw as the garage inspired sounds of earlier Strokes material, I find myself liking his solo outings and non-Strokes collaborations more and more.

– Luke

Luke Copping
Luke Copping was a founding member and now is an occasional contributor for Auxiliary.
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