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February/March 2010 Issue Out Now!

Auxiliary February/March 2010 cover

The February/March 2010 Issue is the eighth issue of Auxiliary, a magazine dedicated to alternative fashion, music, and lifestyle. This issue we have an interview with Doe Deere of Lime Crime Makeup, a gaslight romance fashion editorial, a celestial beauty editorial, a review of the Tim Burton exhibit at MoMA, a noir inspired fashion editorial, a brief introduction to shoegaze, and a no-sew DIY guide. It also features Kerosene Deluxe as this issue’s PinUp, a guest music review by Yann of Iszoloscope and Memmaker, and fashion by Stop Staring!, Morph Clothing, Emma Bell, Lovesick Corsets, Shrinkle, T.U.K. Inc., ClockworkZero, Monster Muffin, and much much more.

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15 comments on “February/March 2010 Issue Out Now!”

  1. this mag is just like doe deere; neither accept negative press and neither will not allow negative comments. pure b.s.

  2. Comments that contain bashing or drama get denied. Please rephrase your comment so that it is constructive and opens discussion.

  3. doe deere is a repackager, meaning she doesnt create ANY of her makeup (although she lies and says she does), she just buys it wholesale from tkbtrading, slaps a unicorn sticker on the container, and marks up the price about 4000%. you can buy the same thing she sells for $12, for about $1.50, and you get ten times more product. do u really want someone like that on your cover? are u unaware of all the other extremely negative controversy surrounding her? i just dont get why someone would want someone like her representing them and their interests.

  4. The feature is on her as a personality, as a creative individual. As a magazine we are bound to feature people that other people dislike. I’m aware there is a lot of controversy around her and Lime Crime. But I am of the opinion that it’s a lot of online drama. Tons of companies repackage, most products you buy will have a middleman. If Lime Crime claims they don’t do this, and if the do and are saying they aren’t, I don’t know how I feel about that. But I do know that most companies will not disclose such details on what manufactures and middlemen they use. If people think they can get the same product for way less somewhere else then just do it. Makeup is a commodity, a luxury item, many consumers just want a fun product. That’s why I think Lime Crime has been successful; they offer a fun product, and a fun brand. If people don’t like their product, don’t buy, but I don’t understand the need for all the drama.

  5. the reason ppl are pissed is because she LIED. she claims to personally make/mix/create her eyedusts and all it is is straight repackaged mica. shes just shady. not to mention the way she treats her customers is utterly deplorable. no doh’ deere for me, thanks.

  6. out of all the genuinely creative, ground breaking, revolutionary artists you could have chosen, you picked HER?

  7. I’ve heard tons of negative reviews on this brand– too bad Xenia tends to bully & or threaten to sue & harass anyone who speaks negatively about her. I would think twice before endorsing this shady company and more just google lime crime scam lime crime fraud lime crime repackaged

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