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Democratic Fashion : The Look-book of Your Neighborhood

The idea behind the street fashion blog (while not new) is a revolutionary one.  The democratic position of street fashion blogs plucks style from the hands of a select, well-funded few and returns it to those it most affects: the people.  In this world trends and style are driven by the cool girl on 14th street who shops vintage rather than the Park Avenue label slave.  The equal opportunity lens of the street fashion blogger honors each alike, provided the outfit is well-curated and beautiful.

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Of course, not every street fashion blog is relevant to a more rebellious ilk.  While popular blog The Satorialist may strike some as edgy, to those who are comfortable with pushing the envelope it’s about as inspiring a read as an Ann Taylor catalog.

Luckily, not all street fashion blogs are created equal.  Sometimes it’s about documenting the right city.  Other times it’s simply about getting the right viewer.

While not strictly a “street fashion” blog in the sense that it is photographed by a casual observer, has some delicious offerings from a mostly-younger and adventurous crowd.  While some looks play in that dangerous minefield that borders on hipsterdom, others pull off a look that is a beautiful blend of high fashion and alternative ilk.

On the more traditional side of the street fashion blog format we have Helsinki Looks.  A self-proclaimed “tribute to Fruits and Street magazines” the site features an eclectic blend of stylish Finland residents ranging from overtly punk, goth, or alternative to innovative blends of all kinds.  The blurbs taken from each person add spice and personality to the format as they document the brands they’re wearing and the inspiration behind their looks.

These blogs are just a taste of the offerings of street fashion blogs across the world wide web.  With the range of blogs tailored to specific locations, persuasions, and formats I highly recommend that you engage in a bit of investigative journalism yourself!  “Democratic fashion” blogs are a great way to discover independent designers, get inspired, and save a bit of money on a glossy fashion magazine.

Exercise your first amendment fashion rights and tell us what you think.

– W.H. Muse

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