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Lip Service’s Mens LS Dagger and Skull Socks


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Whoa!  Lip Service is making socks!  I have to say I think this is pretty smart of them to infuse their cult classic symbol onto accessories.  Not only does Lip Service have a sweet looking brand symbol, it’s subtle enough without screaming, “I’m wearing a name brand!”.  My husband’s and my obsession with kitschy socks has got us excited about these!  I am especially fond of the black and green colorway but, I may have to purchase a few pairs in order to keep the peace in our house!  (I don’t share my socks!)  I love that the model is wearing these with a pair of shorts, as you need to rock these socks wearing your pants rolled up for the whole world to see.  Lippy socks, get some!

The LS Dagger and Skull Socks are available online at

– Meagan

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