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Ah, the DIY process… it has the potential to be equal parts frustrating and fun, as well gratifying and time-consuming.

For me, the process usually starts with one of the following: a fashion dilemma or a source of inspiration.  In one instance, I fell deeply in love with those much-discussed shoes from Rodarte’s 2008 collection (as well as those stellar tights) but lacked the funds to buy the originals.  The knock-offs were, as usual, sub-par.  The only solution was to make it myself!  Which leads me to stage two of the DIY process: research and experimentation.


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Thankfully, that deeply connected world of blogs did half my research for me.  Like an incredible party thrown by a well-known socialite, it seems that just by “attending” one you meet many others destined to change your outlook.  Follow the RSS feeds or subscribe to posts and you’ll find your inbox overflowing with affordable and customized DIY fashion.  Check out the links page and you’ll find yourself with more beautiful projects than time and money allows.

My search culminated in a blog post that compiled all of my Rodarte-inspired wishes.  You can check it out here.

Although my search for the studded glass slipper ended there my search did not end for the Auxiliary readership.  One site that was particularly influential during my research process was Outsapop Trashion.

Outsapop’s website speaks for itself, offering readers daily posts with everything from DIY inspiration to in-depth, full-length tutorials.  Finnish blogger Outsapop’s volume of output is staggering; the blog is updated daily with posts and nearly weekly with full-length tutorials from her or other talented bloggers.  Outsapop’s self-professed love of zippers, studs, and all things metallic translates well to an alternative ilk as she serves up tasteful ways to embellish or reconstruct shoes, t-shirts, and skirts of all kinds.

Auxiliary Tutorial Picks:
Skull-Cut T-shirt Reconstruction: Just add scissors and a sweater!
Shredded T-shirt Tutorial: A seam ripper and a lazy afternoon.
The Shirt Skirt: Exactly what it sounds like.
More complicated (but extremely beautiful) tutorials include the incredible zipper belt tutorial and accompanying necklace.

In conclusion: use blog networking as a way to achieve all of your fashion dreams.  With the millions of people out there willing to share their advice and hard work it’s possible that someone has not only done what you want to do but has already worked out the best way to do it.  Use those keyword search skills you refined in high school and fly from blog to blog.

Happy DIY-ing! Remember… hand-made, not home-made.

– W.H. Muse

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