I am getting very excited for the upcoming release by Mind.In.A.Box due out March 9th.  Mind.In.A.Box is one of my favorites (as it is for some of the other Auxiliary editors as well) and I can’t wait to hear some new music from them!  This album will be a little different…

As it says on Metropolis Record’s website
Mind.In.A.Box’s previous three albums garnered them a lot of respect with fans and critics alike with their hard to categorize style of electronic music. For 2010, their newest album, R.E.T.R.O., takes a slightly different approach to their songwriting. An homage to the era of the Commodore 64 and 1980s video games, the album even includes a few cover versions of cult classics – all done in MIAB’s signature style. However, do not take these adaptations lightly. This is not just another cut and paste cover album. This is Mind.In.A.Box re-inventing the past for an advanced future.


It’s available for pre-order at Metropolis and Storming the Base in Canada

I hope this means an upcoming supporting tour is on the way!  Or at least some one off live shows in North America.

– Jennifer