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Today an interesting article was brought to my attention, an article on the steampunk trend in the last 01/14/10 Women’s Wear Daily Fast issue.  So I’m taking this opportunity to start a new feature on the site that’s been brewing around in my head, a feature siting “alternative” or subculture fashion in major media.


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“Up Rising: The Steampunk Trend” discussed the steampunk subculture fashion trend and debated whether or not it has made it into mainstream fashion and culture.  If it is being covered in Women’s Wear Daily I think it is safe to say it has.  Perhaps not everyone would know the term steampunk, but the style has defiantly found it’s way into mainstream fashion.  Run next to the article were several photos of the band Abney Park.  It brought up some interesting points, such as steampunk being one of the few subcultures where the fashion created the music, when normally it’s the other way around.  I also found the quote from Diana Vick of Seattle’s Steamcon that, “steampunk is a very accepting community,” to be interesting.  Normally when I hear complaints about steampunk it’s firstly about how trendy it is, and secondly about all the rules and arguments on what is and isn’t steampunk.

If you have a subscription to WWD you can read the whole article on WWD’s website.

– Jennifer

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