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In a video that can best be described as an M.C. Escher drawing in a Ballardian car crash with a keyboard necktie. (coming from me, that’s meant as a good thing)   La Roux has cemented themselves as one of my new favorite acts.   The stunningly androgynous Elly Jackson wanders though an ever shifting landscape of shapes and colors in this three and a half minute pop masterpiece, accentuated by fractures, crashes, neon, and a brilliant fashion aesthetic that runs through the whole video.  La Roux has found that magic formula of great music, aesthetics, and mystery that served figures like Bowie, Madonna, and Prince so well. If you throw a bit of Vitalic’s sonic influence into that mix and you end up with a fashionable, sculpturally coifed, tough, and musically sublime figure that, if this and any of their other singles are any indications will become one of the major acts of the next few years.

 – Luke

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  1. As usual, musicians are constantly sticking their foot in their mouths – ignorant statements on her part aside though, she also makes some positive remarks about her opinions on the over sexualization of women in the music industry and being resistant to the expectations to live up to a stereotype.

    And while I agree that the 1st outfit in the video is somewhat poorly styled (though I love the jacket as a separate) The third and 4th outfits are brilliantly styled, the fourth even seems especially tasteful and interesting with its simple palette and architecturally inspired elements. And the white coat with colored pockets in the third outfit works quite well for her. As the music is heavily influenced by older pop styles I do think that some of the fashion being a modern interpretation of some of the more eclectic styles that were influenced by this music works well within the context of the video.

    I have seen her look quite tasteful in other images and she often opts for a simple style thats flattering but often mixes classic elements of both men’s and women’s wear. Stylistically she seems to bounce back and forth between an uncomplicated casual look and a more structured and colorful style reminiscent of Bowie in his more experimental phases.

    But I especially love her style in this video, all I can say is…. Ducky!!!!

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