Yaby : Liquid Foundation

Don’t let the small size of the packaging fool you, these 8mm tubes of foundation pack a punch and a little goes a long way. About the size of a tube of lip gloss, Yaby’s liquid foundation, available in 18 shades, provides smooth and light coverage that is exceptionally layerable to provide just the right amount of coverage for your purposes. Rather than piling on the gummy and paint like foundations that some other companies push these days, this product is about subtlety rather than overkill, and delivers a much better result in the end. Yaby’s new line of foundations mimic the sheen of natural skin, for a very wearable look thats not too shiny or too flat and matte as to be unrealistic, and because of this natural look it requires very little in the way of touchups on set or for daily wear. These foundations blend extremely well, so if you find yourself between shades it should be simple to create your own custom tint to match your skin tone perfectly. When we met Liz Yu, the creator of Yaby at IMATS in Toronto a few weeks ago she was extremely enthusiastic about this new product line, and I can see why, she has truly created a wonderful and versatile product with a variety of useful applications.


photograph by Luke Copping

– Rachel Mazurek

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