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Retroscope’s Victorian Corset Back Jacket


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Depending on where you live, the cold season is upon us!  It’s time to reach into the back of the closet and pull out those jackets and other cold weather attire.  Why not treat yourself to a new fancy jacket that won’t have you needing to break open your piggy bank.  Besides, all that holiday shopping must leave you wanting to treat yourself after having to battle crazed shoppers at the mall!

Check out Retroscope Fashions’ sale section and prepare to be in awe that the black Victorian Corset Back Jacket is only $25!  Say what?!  Yes, $25 gets you this cute and versatile jacket that would look adorable for all those holiday gatherings paired with black skinny jeans or an a-line skirt.  Of course feel free to pair this jacket with all those clubby bustle skirts, bloomers, or even the occasional pinstripe garment!

The Victorian Corset Back Jacket is available online at

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