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During our visit to the International Makeup Artists Trade Show this weekend in Toronto (a review of the event coming soon) there was one product that everyone was buzzing about so much that we felt it warranted an immediate review.  Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics new Lip Tar line, for lack of a better term, blew us away.  A lip product that applies like a gloss but with a color that is richer and more long lasting than most top brand lipsticks.  Available in 20 fantastic colors from neutral tones, through a series of bright and electric colors and, even completely opaque black and white options called respectively, tarred and feathered.  Lip Tar is extremely pigmented, which is fantastic if you’re trying to get those candy like tones, but don’t discount the more neutral shades as well, they provide exceptionally smooth coverage, and apply so easily.  This is an absolutely exciting product line. 100% vegan and cruelty free.


photograph by Luke Copping

I used lip tar extensively on the new beauty editorial I shot for Auxiliary Magazine’s upcoming December issue and it did not disappoint when put to the test.  On camera it is extremely pigmented, glossy, and smooth.  It just looks beautiful.  I was doubly impressed because the shoot involved spraying water all over the models faces, and the lip tar held in place just fine.  Keep an eye out for it in the upcoming issue.  This is a product line that I will definitely be continuing to use and recommend for both professional applications as well as for makeup enthusiasts looking to try something new.

– Rachel Mazurek

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  1. I’m sold! I need to get some of these. I’ve always liked lip gloss over lip stick but you can’t get the color. It’s the best of both worlds!

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