no. 6’s signature blazer

In rebellion against AMC’s rather boring (so far) reinterpretation of Patrick McGoohan’s The Prisoner, rock your style a little old school.  My new favorite store Topman is carrying a well cut version of No. 6’s signature blazer, as well as a few other variations on the same theme.  The contrast piping is a nice change of pace from the monotony of both overly simple jackets as well as the overdone silkscreened and distressed blazers that seem to be popping up everywhere lately.  Paired with dark, well fit denim, or a pair of well tailored pants this is a simple element that can be dressed up or down depending on your style.  But i can see it fitting in very well with a preppy, clean cut geek chic ensemble or paired with some more distressed elements to create an upscale hybrid rock look.  The trick with wearing any piece like this with pop culture significance is to drop the sense of irony, don’t wear it because it a fashionable reminder of the television zeitgeist, but because you can make it an versatile and integral element of your own style.


And don’t forget to pick up the new Blue Ray edition of the complete original series here.  Make sure to watch it all in one sitting.  The marathon will only increase the paranoia.

– Luke
Luke Copping
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