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On November 14th H&M stores released a limited collection by fashion designer label Jimmy Choo.  The in-store collection is so limited that each customer is only allowed one item per style and size as to maximize the availability to as many customers as possible.  H&M is expecting this collection to sell out quickly due to the limited and exclusive nature of the line.


image source hm.com

The Jimmy Choo for H&M collection includes lady’s and men’s shoes, accessories, and clothing.  Fashions are moderately priced as nothing is over $300, an affordable opportunity to add this luxury brand to your wardrobe.  Some highlights of the collection include; leather studded heels, a one shoulder black leather dress, a lady’s sequined cardigan, men’s grey suede ankle boots, a zebra print clutch, a men’s two piece black suit, and a lady’s chained collar necklace.


image source hm.com

This collection is full of leather; studs, chains, and sequins, really infusing the biker influences that are appearing on runway fashions.  All of the pieces in the collection can be paired together ranging from day casual to edgy evening attire, with the idea that more is more, be dramatic!  The color palate is black, silver, grey, and pops of blue appearing in the form of a suede tunic dress.  All around a very wearable and attainable collection for all fashionistas, male and female.

I highly recommend not missing out on this opportunity in purchasing some great leather pieces as well as nice hardware influenced accessories from H&M. Versatile, sexy and edgy, Jimmy Choo for H&M surely is a fall must have this season.

– Meagan

Meagan Hendrickson
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