music features : Daniel Ash

catching up with Daniel Ash

by Aaron Andrews

Daniel Ash, reluctant goth icon, motorcycle enthusiast, DJ, and man of fashion, certainly has an infamous name and reputation in alternative music.  The recent release of a Love and Rockets tribute album is evidence of that.  Ash started out playing in cover bands with the Haskins brothers before all three joined with acquaintance Peter Murphy to form Bauhaus.  At the end of that iconic band, he went on to front Tones on Tail and its follow up Love and Rockets with one and then both of the Haskins brothers.  It’s an impressive list of bands and an impressive body of work.  Despite having a ton to get a swelled head about, Daniel Ash has to be one of the most pleasant people I’ve ever talked to.  He’s forthcoming, friendly and gracious.  Talking to him over the phone was like chatting with a new friend, and he made it seem like he’d love to talk about music or motorcycles whether there was a project to promote or not.


However, he is currently doing press for New Tales to Tell the aforementioned tribute album, put together by friend Christopher “The Minister”.  Christopher is a DJ for Sirius XM radio, a fact that escaped me for a few seconds as Daniel repeated over and over to me that he was a “serious” DJ and I thought, “of course, why do it if you’re not serious?”  Of course, it dawned on me what he meant and I, still kind of shy, meekly suggested, “the satellite?” With the misunderstanding resolved, we moved on to the album itself that Ash had no hand in but evidently his friend The Minister has made a pet project.

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