item of the week : ghost and pepper

Gloomth’s Ghost skirt and Pepper shrug


I came across this pair of new designs by Canadian designer Gloomth a few days ago and instantly started thinking how much money I had to spend on a fashion impulse purchase.  This shrug and skirt combo are versatile and very now.  At least for my current style interest, which has been items I can layer and mix (such as shrugs, leggings, arm warmers, etc.) in an urban wander sort of way in a palette of dull muted colors that blend Victorian style elements with futuristic and modern style elements.

This skirt and shrug combo could be used to make a great outfit for going out, but also could be used in everyday more comfortable outfits.  This has been a major point for me as money is tight for me right now, as I’m sure it is for everyone lately, and I can better justify spending money on clothing that can have multiple uses.  The skirt could be paired with a cotton blouse or shirt and leggings.  The shrug could be a stylish addition to a skinny jeans and boots day outfit.  A big plus is that they are both grey, and I’m always on the look out for items that will add a little contrast to my primarily black wardrobe.  I’m a big fan of the shrug, but I normally think of it as an item for my cyber-style outfits, and I love that this shrug has an old-fashioned style.

The ghost skirt is limited edition and both can be purchased online at Gloomth’s website.

– Jennifer

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