super sonic hump day retro rewind : Scatman

Most novelty dance hits remain just that, a pure novelty that burns bright for a second and then fades into derision and hatred. Looking back at tracks like Rednex’s Cotton Eye Joe, or anything the Venga Boys did and you will feel faintly ridiculous about the whole thing. Scatman John transcended that, while most definitely a novelty track, Scatman turned out to be more like a fine wine that got better with age. The video is stylish, fun, and not terribly dated. The song is extremely catchy, unique, and has just that right combination of weird/catchy that a whole room of people will rise to excitement if its played, regardless of venue. The song is fucking beloved amongst fans of the genre. His popularity was so great in Japan that even Japanese legendary superhero Ultraman parodied Scatman while wearing Scatman John’s signature hat.

– Luke

Luke Copping
Luke Copping was a founding member and now is an occasional contributor for Auxiliary.
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