bad romance

Lady Gaga’s new video dropped today for “Bad Romance”, part of her forthcoming re-release album The Fame Monster. Directed by Francis Lawrence the video proves that Gaga will continue to be a driving force in both pop music, style, and alternative fashion. Her meteoric rise to the top of the pop game rivals that of Michael Jackson and Madonna, but its her well edited style and wide ranging visual appeal that is gaining her fans across genre and lifestyle barriers. There is a definite sense of design in everything she does that can be appreciated by even the most casual fans.

– Luke

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2 comments on “bad romance”

  1. I think like many performers in the past, its a well crafted act to control her media spin and to create a persona for the media. She is extremely aware of her image and fashion impact, and her association with crafted pop acts from Madonna to Michael Jackson and going back to fainter influences from Bowie, Nomi, and Warhol’s superstars.

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