An Interview with Doc Hammer of The Venture Brothers

Doc Hammer, best known as one half of the creative team that brings you The Venture Brothers on Adult Swim, is a writer, musician, painter, and style maven.

With the premiere of the fourth season of The Venture Brothers, Auxiliary Magazine had a chance to talk to Doc Hammer about style, men’s suits, his band, oil painting, and why he does what he does. Read the interview in the October/November 2009 Issue.

interview : Luke Copping
photographs : Ron Douglas

Doc Hammer for Auxiliary Magazine

“The way I do it is, not to just go out and purchase to have.  I really do just look at fashion, and occasionally I see that thing that I think should be part of my life.  I’m a clotheshorse, I just love that shit.  If art is very important to you then adorning yourself is very important.”

Doc Hammer for Auxiliary Magazine

“I have no problems with fans, because I’m a fan of stuff, I know what a fan is.  There are things that I love and there are things that I want to connect to.  So the idea of fandom is not this wretched group of people that bug me.  They are people that are interested in the same things I am interested in, they’re kind of like me.”

Doc Hammer for Auxiliary Magazine

“Painting is showing up and dealing with sucking.”

Doc Hammer for Auxiliary Magazine

“People will get on me and tell me that I need to relax and take it easy, that I’m not really that bad.  What they are missing is the arrogance of what I am saying, the fact that I know I suck proves that I know I am better than this, which is a very arrogant thing to do, so people should not be concerned with my self esteem.  When I say I suck, it actually means that this is not a representation of my ability, I know that inside me is better.  Dealing with my sucking and proudly saying this sucks is how I get up and do it again.  I can’t let that thing get out there, I have to apologize for it with my next piece.”

Read the full interview in the October/November 2009 Issue.

Luke Copping
Luke Copping was a founding member and now is an occasional contributor for Auxiliary.
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  1. i’m so dumb i just realized “Doc” Hammer is the “Eric” Hammer who stayed at my house ten years ago when my old band played a show with mors syphilitica in jax, fl. its hilarious considering the fact that venture brothers has been my favorite show since like 2005.

  2. I have such an inexplicable crush on Doc Hammer. WANT HIM. i love that picture of him flying on the office chair and his beautiful hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOC~!!!! marry me. Or at least paint me. Maybe send me a lock of your gorgeous hair?
    — Lily-a-fan-girl

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