super sonic hump day retro rewind : The KLF

Sometimes artists don’t crete music videos, they create spectacles of a magnitude that other artists in their genre cannot hope to match. The KLF (AKA: The Timelords, AKA: The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu) was this band for most of the 90s. Their videos were the dance music equivalent of arena rock shows. Huge productions, with elaborate sets and models, a seemingly infinite roster of backup members and musicians, a strange post apocalyptic religious revelations vide running throughout. They were also notorious for their almost dadaist live performances and art statements. They are reputed as having fired a machine gun at a live audience, dumping a dead sheep into an after show party, and unexplainably burning 1 Million British pounds in an act that baffles to this day.

– Luke

Luke Copping
Luke Copping was a founding member and now is an occasional contributor for Auxiliary.
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