instead of going to Sweden

If you have seen me in the last four months, then you know that I wanted to get together $2,000 and fly out to Sweden to go to the Arvika Festival to see one of my favorite groups perform LIVE on stage with a full band.  Unfortunately I never got my passport nor the balls to just run out of the country on a whim.  Thankfully the Swedish radio station p3 has broadcasted their recording of the concert.  Being very excited, right when I got to work that morning, I jumped full force into this project.  I found out what time it was airing, 21:30 their time and I set the clock on my computer to the Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna time zone (GMT+1:00).  I then went to’s website and downloaded a desktop image and queued up the three albums to pregame.  Finally after listening to everything in the catalog and a few hours of Swedish radio I recognize the DJ say the words “mind in a box”.  Building up the hype all day long I was way too excited, butterflies filled my stomach.  For the next half hour I tuned out all my co-workers who walked by and put myself at the show.  The band sounded great.  Each song came through with clarity and precision and transferred well into a live recording.  Due to the performance taking place at a festival the set list was short (or at least what the radio station broadcasted), only consisting of five songs.  Three of the songs came from their 2007 release Crossroads and the remaining came from their 2004 release Lost Alone, nothing from 2005’s Dreamweb.   Being an audio recording only, I can only imagine what their stage presence was like, but lucky for me I do have a good imagination and just maybe someday, I will get the chance to validate it and see live.

The set list went like this:
– Fear (from Crossroads)
– Stalkers (from Crossroads)
– Questions (from Lost Alone)
– Identity (from Crossroads)
– Change (from Lost Alone)

You can still listen to the live broadcasting in the station’s web archives.
TO LISTEN go to and scroll down until you find

Check Out
p3 radio’s website

– Mike

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