my label is the internet : the interviews part 3

When researching the article “My Label is the Internet” for our April09 issue, Alex had the chance to talk with several people directly involved with netlabels.

An interview with Ray from Ekoplex

Ekoplex is Ray Vincent, a multifaceted psychedelic trance producer from Toronto, Canada.  Ekoplex releases music through the netlabel Ektoplazm.

What brought your project, Ekoplex to Ektoplazm?

I’ve actually known Alexander for a long time now and have worked together on other stuff.  He has always been supportive of my music and the psytrance community here in Toronto.

Also I really wanted this album to be handled right.  Sometimes labels can sit on projects forever and in the end can be a disappointment of how everything went.  With Ektoplazm, I knew that Alexander cared as much about this as I did and things would be handled right.  Plus the exposure artists get through Ektoplazm is incredible.

From your perspective, is technology like BitTorrent file sharing a threat to your music?

Not if you embrace it and use it to your benefit, like getting shows out of it.  I have already gotten [shows] because of the releases I have done with Ektoplazm.  As far as I’m concerned music should be shared and there are other ways an artist can make money.  Even with the album being a free download, we were still able to sell 160 hard copies of the album, which shows there will always be people who are still happy to buy and support an artist’s album.

Does the traditional model of promote-release-tour apply to you?

Yes fore sure.

Apart from an online presence, is there a concern for having a physical product as well?

Well we have physical products as well.  You can order them online on Ektoplazm, or from us personally.  There are always people who will still want the physical.

How closely do you follow other artists in your genre, and is that a consideration in your career?

I don’t follow them really at all to be honest, I really like doing my own thing, but I still get influence when I go to parties and here new music DJs are playing.

If money and economics were not an issue, what would change with your relationship to the label?

Well if money and economics was my concern I wouldn’t be making psytrance.  That being said I would love to one day be able to travel the globe through my music.  For now I have a day job that pays my bills.

Check out Ekoplex at
Interview and April09 issue article by Alex Kourelis.
Read the article “My Label is the Internet” in the April09 issue of Auxiliary Magazine.

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