kinetik : day 3

There were many bands to see at Kinetik and that meant most nights went from around 6pm to 3am. These long nights meant shorter days… we slept in pretty late on Saturday, day three of Kinetik Festival. When we finally did head out of hotel we found it was raining and gloomy out. We headed out to the Eaton Centre in Montreal to check out the Dollface store. I have been a fan of Dollface’s fashion designs since I discovered them on the Canadian online store Mudshark Streetwear. I’ve always had to buy their clothes online and was excited to see their actual store. Unfortunately it was closed. We decided to wander around the mall and get some lunch to see if they would eventually open, but we had no such luck. So we left the mall to head down to old Montreal and the harbor but half way there we grew tired of the rain and decided to head back to the hotel. So our outing for Saturday was rather unsuccessful.

Phase 3 of Kinetik was dedicated to noise and IDM. There was a great lineup of artists this night. Among the lineup were Adversary, Architect, Iszoloscope, Noisex, and Winterkalte. Architect put on a great performance. I think it was the first time I got to see one of Daniel Myer’s projects live, so that had me excited! Iszoloscope was great as well, but if I had to choose I think I prefer their other project Memmaker. Memmaker just really blew me away. Noisex was a highlight of my night as well. I got to see him in Toronto years ago and ever since hoped to get to see him play again.


While taking photos of the performances this night I took a couple second video clip by accident. I then realized I should take a few videos of the night! So below you will find some short video clips. If you’re interested in seeing more and of much better quality keep your eyes pealed for the Kinetik 09 DVD. They made a DVD for 08 so I’m sure there will be one for 09.

While talking about videos I should mention the great backing videos they had for all the artists. I’m not sure if the artist’s each had to put together their own videos or if someone put them together for the artists for the festival. Since to backing was pretty consistent I would guess the latter. I found myself wondering the whole festival what the process for picking what footage to pair with each artist was.

There was also a club night going on at near by Club Alize on Ontario Street to offset the noise night. We didn’t really hear where the night was until the next day, so we didn’t go. But this got me thinking… I wish there was a room with a nightclub feel at Kinetik. There were DJs playing each night, but I hardly saw any of them. From what I could tell, most simply played between bands in the main room. Some played in the downstairs bar, but only a few, and it wasn’t the best place for them. They were basically background music. When I went to Blacksun Festival last year, I really enjoyed being able to dance between bands. It helped keep my energy up all night and prevented me from sitting around too much. I hope to go to Kinetik next year and I really hope they consider a room for DJs, with a club setting, for dancing!

– Jennifer