the videos are dead : top 10 underrated 80s metal videos

10 Loudness – This Lonely Heart

Unbelievably awesome hair metal from the land of the rising sun!!  Now with more slow motion water drinking than an Evian ad!

9 Vinnie Vincent Invasion – Love Kills

Featuring Mark Slaughter, this was the best of the soundtrack power ballads.  Ironically, Vinnie Vincent haunts my dreams as a figure far more terrifying than Freddy Krueger ever could be.  Who gets kicked out of KISS for unethical behavior!

8 Accept – Midnight Lover

Udo and the boys in rare form, this one gives “Balls to the Wall” a run for the money, I like it because Udo looks less like Patton Oswalt here than anywhere else, which relieves me for many reasons.

7 Lita Ford – Out For Blood

There is something really life affirming about Lita Ford driving a hearse in a leather outfit.  Note: The drummer in this video has the most unfortunate haircut of all time.

6 Shotgun Messiah – Don’t Care ’bout Nothin

Yes, in case you have a weird feeling of recognition “Tim Tim” is Tim Skold, yes, that Tim Skold, he’s older than you think, this isn’t even his fist band, check out Kingpin sometime.

5 LA Guns – Sex Action

My favorite band of the era.  This video makes me want to build a time machine and move to LA 20 years ago.

4 Trixter – I Surrender

Double guitars and weird blowing banners that remind me of Killing Joke’s “Love Like Blood” video.

3 Anthrax – Madhouse

I forgot was Scott Ian looked like with hair till I re-watched this.

2 Vixen – Edge of a Broken Heart

This is just here for me, let’s just keep my love of the band vixen between you and me ok?

1 W.A.S.P. – L.O.V.E. Machine

I pretty much live by the notion that if you don’t like W.A.S.P. I don’t want to be your friend.  This IS 80s metal.

– Luke

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