kinetik : day 1

May 14th was the first day of Kinetik, a four day music festival of electro, industrial, and noise taking place in Montreal, Canada.  [for more background on Kinetik read the summer festivals article in the June 09 issue] Mike and I will be attending all four days this year.  It’s our first time attending the festival and our first visit to Montreal!

To get to Montreal we decided to take the train instead of driving.  So to catch our 7am train leaving from St. Catharines we had to wake up at 4am.  We left our apartment at 4:30am, dropped our cars off somewhere safe for the weekend, and got a ride to St. Catharines.  The train was comfy and clean and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to attend next year’s festival.  We had an hour layover in Toronto where we met up with two of my friends, DJ Razorgrrl and Ashley who models under the name Spitfire.  At 3pm we got into Montreal.  After a short subway ride we were at our hotel.  

I am very pleased with the hotel we booked for our stay here.  It’s cute, clean, and in a busy part of Montreal.  I didn’t prepare much for this trip, normally I like to pick up a Time Out travel guide for trips to major cities, but they don’t make one for Montreal for some reason, so I’m not really sure what part of the city we are staying in.  It’s on Saint-Denis, I’ll have to look up the area at some point.

After relaxing in our room for a short bit we headed to Usine C, the venue for the festival.  I was shocked by how amazing the venue was!  I saw an outside shot of it on Kinetik’s website and pictured an old kinda run down venue, but it’s not like that at all.  It’s a very sleek and modern looking venue and a great setting for the festival.  When you walk in coat check is on the left, to the right up a few stairs is a huge open lobby area where most of the vendors are set up.  There are spiral stairs down leading to a bar with tables and a screen with last year’s Kinetik DVD playing.  There are stairs up leading to the fashion vendors, Plastik Wrap, Crisiswear, and Biomechanical Candy.  From the lobby there are double doors leading to an outdoor patio where the BBQ is set up.  On the other side of the patio area are another set of doors to a hallway connecting to the lobby area, a few more vendor tables are set up here and the doors to the stage area are on the left.  The stage area is huge with a bar in the back and a large stage with two projection screens above it.

We picked up our tickets, looked at the vendor tables, and then headed back to get dinner and get ready.  Having been up since 4am we were both already feeling tired, but I was also feeling excited to be here.  We made it back to the venue just in time to see Ayria play at 8pm.  They put on a great show, very energetic.  After Ayria was Memmaker, who I really enjoyed.  Then Terrorfakt who Mike really enjoyed.  With 8ish guys on stage turning nobs, throwing sparks into the air with grinders, and beating metal with sledge hammers, Mike said it kinda reminded him of performance art, haha.  Project Pitchfork was next and you could tell this was a favorite amongst the crowd.  At this point me and Mike were really starting to fade, unfortunately we only made it halfway through Interlace and then left to go back to our room and pass out.  I wish we could have seen all of Interlace and was very sad to have missed Marching Dynamics!  But we just couldn’t make it to the end of the night, having been up for almost 22 hours at this point.  Next year we’ll have to consider traveling the day before.

Aryia on stage with Jenn wearing a skirt by Platik Wrap
Ayria on stage with Jen wearing a skirt by Plastik Wrap

So far I’m really enjoying the festival!  I was happy to see so many of the attendees dressed up and looking great.  I couldn’t have hoped for a better venue.  All the bands so far have put on great performances.  So far very happy we decided to go to Kinetik!

– Jennifer