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In my boredom or need of a break, I often go to youtube and look up things of interest.  I mostly search for subjects that interest me and see what the general public is posting.  In this particular case I searched “goth” and I stumbled across a west coast couple that have a show dedicated to their goth lifestyle along with art, cooking, humor, music, and of course FASHION!  The show is called Queenie TV and the hosts are Queenie and her boyfriend Hideousboi.  They are both artists that are located in the Encino, California area.

Upon watching their short broadcasts on youtube I was hooked!  For their awesome wardrobes, delightful humor, love of cupcakes, and the fact they are just creative types who enjoy babbling about any and all subjects, I exhaled a giant “WOW”.  It’s a relief to see people who live the so called goth lifestyle that don’t act like complete idiots just for attention.  Yes, it’s a harsh reality that in most people’s minds goth brings up a stereo-typed image.  This is a real life “Goth Talk”.

My favorite part about the show (okay other than their outfits) is how much they both love art!  Creativity is such a wonderful thing to promote on a show like this.  Queenie has a line of dolls that are her own creative cast of characters, along with paintings, drawings, t-shirts, and jewelry.  What goth girl doesn’t need cute Posiez merchandise?  Check out her website, PocketFullofPosiez.com.   I myself am defiantly ordering some swag!

You can view this gothic duo live on Wednesday nights 7pm PST at:

Here’s a little taste…

Go watch!

– Meagan

Meagan Hendrickson
Meagan Hendrickson was a founding member and now is a fashion contributor for Auxiliary.
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  1. I LOVE Queenie I actually look forward to each broadcast come Weds.
    They have me laughing like a crazy person even when I am all alone in my kitchen watching them.
    They are both fantastic people, artists and entertainers.
    5000000 kudos.

  2. I love those guys. Their sense of fashion is amazing. That is how a gothic person should look all the time. The things they talk about are fun and entertaining. I first found them on youtube and now I try to watch them on ustream. Too bad I always get to watch the recorded videos since our time zones don’t match.

    Rock on Queenie and Hideousboi!

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