the videos are dead : because I am in a terrible amount of pain…

Because I am in a terrible amount of pain due to a nasty bacterial infection in my ear and throat, today’s collection is all videos in which someone suffers severe (or what would be in the real world in some cases) physical harm.

Isis – Holy Tears

This video builds slowly towards a viscerally devastating sequence…

UNKLE – Rabbit in Your Headlights

At one point pulled from MTV for being “too disturbing” Jonathan Glazer’s video for UNKLE is one of those that moves you so far in one direction and then yanks back the other way before you know what happened.

Lou Reed – No Money Down

This video has bothered me since I was a little kid, even through I know it’s a robot, there is still something that bothers me about this video, a lot.

Cansei Der Se Sexy – Alala

Violence in reverse… with stop motion.

Oomph! – Aus Kurs

Just plain torture.

Wax – Southern California

I am sure everyone has seen this at one point or another. One of Spike Jonze’s most memorable videos, mainly because of the simplicity. One man, on fire, running.

Robbie Williams – Rock DJ

Alright, this one is just here for fun.

– Luke Copping

Luke Copping
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