music review : Babyland – Cavecraft

reviewed by : Mike Kieffer

released by : Metropolis Records on 03 February 2009
data : 6th full length . 11 tracks . 47:51 run time .
genre : electronic junk punk

The Los Angeles based band Babyland’s latest electronic junk punk release, Cavecraft, comes along after a long five year wait from when The Finger came out in 2004.  All I can say is that it was well worth the wait.  The album starts with the slamming track “Last Ave”.  Here, you will find all the classic Babyland sounds, from rhythmic percussions with bangs, clicks, scrapes, and clangs to killer synth lines, all of which are backed up by passionate vocals wailing out deep lyrics.  The second and third tracks “You Will Never Have It” and “Rimer Drive Tiger” offer up no relief.  These three tracks all have catchy lyrics and melodies that will stick in your head for days.  Cavecraft is a well-blended album where each track is part of a whole and less of  individual tracks on a single album.  Speaking from personal experience, this can lead the listener to overlook tracks upon first listen but then find gems months later.  After many listens to this album I found a new favorite in “Lifestyle”.

Babyland’s sound on Cavecraft is more polished then earlier albums. If you line up the albums in sequential order, you will find that it isn’t anything new.  Some of the punk feel is lost because of this but Cavecraft still possesses some of the rawness found in their previous albums.  The higher degree of studio tweaks and experimentation has added dimensions to the songs that you never heard in Babyland previously.  It’s hard for me to say that Cavecraft is the best album by Babyland. I’ve being addicted to The Finger for so long that it has jaded my opinion.  I can say that I wouldn’t recommend anyone to skip this album, for any reason.

Cavecraft is their first release since being signed with Metropolis Records.  It is my belief that this deal will provide many more people with their first Babyland experience.  Being under Metropolis will moving their popularity from the deep underground to the slightly more exposed underground.  I hope this exposure inspires Babyland to tour outside of the Los Angeles area, preferably over to the east coast, over to my side of the country.

recommended tracks : Rimer Drive Tiger, The End of All Summers
grade : overall 9 – music 8 – lyrics 9 – recording quality 7

from the February Issue of Auxiliary Magazine

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