music review : Plastic Noise Experience – Reiz und Reaktion

reviewed by : Alex Kourelis

released by : Alfa Matrix on 05 December 2008
data : 15 tracks . 58:21 run time .
genre : 90% EBM and 10% synthpop

This was my first encounter with the solo-act Plastic Noise Experience.  Upon hearing this album, I have to say that at first, I was surprised with the adherence to EBM and minimalist precepts.  By the end of the album, I had grown tired of the formulaic basis upon which the individual tracks were arranged.  While each songs is composed well, there seems to be an inherent lack of passion in the delivery and the entirety suffers as a result.  Don’t get me wrong,  there are some real shining points on this album with original ideas and sounds in tracks like “Ich Bin Nicht Du” and “Wer Bist Du”.  However, the ultimate failure of this release would be that the threads from track to track rarely change in a disc that showcases fifteen songs and a runtime of under an hour.  One-third of the album is comprised of remixes, none of which add to the experience and ethos that a full album should have.  Gone, I suppose, are the days of simply releasing a ten track album and calling it complete.  Without these remixes the album weighs in at thirty-six minutes of virtually the same tempo and key, complete with vocals obnoxiously delayed ad infinitum.  With everything I have just said and the lack of an enthralling theme, I am  lead to believe that this album was rushed, despite the obviously competent production.

recommended tracks : Ich Bin Nicht Du, Wer Bist Du
if you like you may like : Nitzer Ebb, Armageddon Dildos, early And One
grade : overall 4 – music 5 – recording quality 9

from the February Issue of Auxiliary Magazine

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